Beautiful woman with colour treated, short hair in black and red hues

Hair Paint Free

IdHAIR Hair Paint Free is a hair colour system free of ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol - great for sensitive skin and scalp.

Gentle colour system

Hair Paint Free is our next generation of hair colour, and we have put an effort into creating a very gentle system without sacrificing long lasting and vibrant results.

The colour system is keeping its promises and effectively cover grey and white hair 100%. The 79 colours provide a complete colour system containing gentle permanent colours.

IdHAIR Hair Paint Free is free from ammonia, so you can colour customers with even the most sensitive scalps, and it contains no PPD nor Resorcinol.

IdHAIR Hair Paint free farvetuber på hvidt bord
IdHAIR Hair Paint free farvetuber, farveskål, beize og farvepensel på hvidt bord

The colour system contains our unique Care System which is based on delightful natural ingredients. The Care System ensures that the color is long lasting, and that the hair is protected, reconstructed and shiny.

Hair Paint Free also contains our unique Anti Age Complex, that works by controlling the speed of the oxidation process so that the colour is being better utilized, lasts longer and becomes intense and bright.

Lemons on white wooden table

Shiny colours

Argan and Jojoba Oil nourishes hair, and essential fruit oils from Lemon, Mandarin and Grape seeds provide care and shine.

Peach and Apricot Kernel Oil softens hair and Shea Butter protects and moisturizes even the most damaged hair.

Wheat on white wooden table

Protection of the hair

The hair fibers are protected and reconstructed by wheat protein, and heliogenol, which is concentrated glycolic extract from sunflower seeds, subsequently protects the hair from external damage.