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With IdHAIR Solutions you can, in a very short time, wave goodbye to your scalp problems and enjoy a fresh and healthy scalp.

Scalp Problems - You Are Not Alone!

At some point  everyone experiences a scalp problem. It can vary from dry scalp to a sense of scalp tension. It can also be in the form of greasy dandruff, that forms on the scalp. An irritated scalp and dandruff is not contagious, but it is still annoying and unnecessary!

That is why we have developed IdHAIR Solutions – to eliminate these frustrating conditions in a quick and easy way, while keeping your scalp healthy.

A healthy scalp home and away

All the products in IdHAIR Solutions come in two sizes: a large version for the bathroom and a small handy size for on the go. So, there is no excuse for tolerating scalp problems!

Piroctone Olamine in a bowl with rosemary

6 ingredients that works

Climbazole: Works against the malassezia furfur fungus which can cause dandruff.  

Piroctone Olamine:
 Works against pityrosporum ovale fungus which also is one of the causes of dandruff.  

Undecylenic Acid: Has an anti-bacterial effect and calms the irritated skin. Futhermore prevents a high production of sebum.  

 Protects hair against UV radiation and prolongs the the hair colour.  

 Stimulates the circulation in the scalp. Works as a disinfectant and eliminates dandruff.  

Salicylic acid:
Has a peeling effect through dissolving the bonds between the dead skin cells. The result is a fresh scalp.