IdHAIR Niophlex women with blond and brown hair


Unique hair care products with a high content of moisture and care.

Beautiful and shiny hair


A healthy and beautiful hair needs moisture and care. IdHAIR Niophlex Home Care is a wonderful moisturizing hair care series that consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a Rescue Spray that you can use to care for your hair, as well as strengthen your hair at every shower.

Use the hair products alone as a strengthening and glossy hair pampering, or to prolong the benefits of a Niophlex salon treatment.

Phytoceramide - rice in a bowl

Key Ingredients

Soybeans IsoFlavones: Provides care that improves the condition of the hair.

Creates bonds and protects the hair.

Extracted from rice and creating a protective shield around the hair strands.

Amino Acid:
Adds moisture and enhancing properties that keep the hair moisturized and repair the damaged parts.

Blond hair

Healthy hair starts from the inside

IdHAIR Niophlex penetrates deeply into the hair strand and repair the bindings of the hair. This results in a strong hair that doesn’t break. As a finishing touch, IdHAIR Niophlex gives the hair a strong cover, making it ready to fight the day.

IdHAIR differs from other care products such as conditioners and treatments which only works on the outside of the hair.

Try the 3 step Niophlex Treatment next time you visit your hair salon.