IdHAIR Mé hair products for men and women

IdHAIR Mé is a complete high quality professional styling series for men and women.

Hair products to pamper him and her

IdHAIR Mé consist of 16 amazing hair products in beautiful packaging that will look fab on every bathroom shelf. The hair products have been developed in collaboration with hairdressers and consumers and consist of 13 styling products and 3 care products.

Mé citat: Beauty is appreciating yourself

All products are carefully chosen in order to ensure that they are able to solve any imaginable hair task, no matter if you are male or female. So whether you're into shine, curls, texture or something fourth - IdHAIR Mé will pamper you and give you a good hair day.

Beauty is within you - IdHAIR Mé highlights it

You have inspired us. The series is called IdHAIR Mé, because it's about YOU. We embrace and celebrate the beauty YOU have. It is what makes you unique and absolutely fantastic. Therefore, we claim: We do not create beauty - we emphasize the beauty you already have!

Mé citat: Highlight your natural beauty

Yellow, pink, blue ... Know your favorite from IdHAIR Mé!

All IdHAIR Mé products are colour-coded with a unique color, therefore they are easy to recognize and stand out from the crowd ... And it makes it easy remember which product is your favourite. Don't forget to love yourself first, darling!