Årets herreprodukt ved DBA

Best Male Product 2022


We’ve always been proud of every single one of our products.  We became even more proud of one special product last Friday at the Danish Beauty Awards 2022 where Black Xclusive Hemp Wax was the winner in the “Best Male product” category.

Since its launch last year, we have had no doubts about the unique qualities of Black Xclusive Hemp Wax.  Being the manufacturer of this product is a joy when a jury full of beauty experts at Danish Beauty Award 2022 agreed with us and said this about the wax:  


“A mega good and very accessible Danish quality product. Delicious in its consistency with a fantastic moldable texture. IdHAIR are super good at hair waxes. The hairstyle looks perfect without getting too stiff. One product out of an absolutely wonderful series that everyone will find accessible, delicious, and useful.”


From the first dip in the pot, you sense the uniqueness of Hemp Wax from IdHAIR Black Xclusive. The small molecules of clay give your hair an exclusive matt look.  Make no mistake, this new clay wax differs from ordinary clay waxes with its soft texture that makes the wax easy to work with.

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DSC_2503jpg_ DBA 2022 vindere fotograf Peter Dahlerup.jpg

Fotographer: Peter Dahlerup / Danish Beauty Award.