Tourmaline | Why it’s essential when styling your hair

You’re probably thinking “Turma-what-now?”. Tourmaline is a mineral that plays an important role when you’re styling your hair with a hot tool such as a blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, etc.

Turmalin-belagte plader i IdHAIR Frame Styler

In this blog post, we’re getting down and nerdy with all things tourmaline so you can learn more about what it does for your hair, and why you probably won’t want to use hot tools without it after reading this. 

What tourmaline does for your hair

Tourmaline is a mineral that’s extremely robust and durable, and when this mineral is heated, it will emit something that your hair will love. When heated, tourmaline emits negative ions, and that’s exactly what your hair needs when you’re using hot tools on it.

Turmalin / negative ions effect on hair

Why negative ions are good for your hair

Negative ions help seal your hair strands after they’ve been heated by a styling tool.

That’s why you should always choose a hot tool such as a blow dryer or curling iron that has tourmaline in it, so you avoid leaving your hair strands open and vulnerable after styling. The negative ions counteract the positive ions in dry or damaged hair.

A closed hair strand is beautiful and shiny, and the negative ions from the tourmaline also help lock in moisture and prevent frizz.

IdHAIR Frame Styler - straight and wavy hair

Tourmaline hot tools

Look for tourmaline hot tools next time you want to do something good for your hair. For example, try the IdHAIR Frame Styler, which has top-tuned tourmaline plates that reseal the hair strands after styling, leaving you with breathtakingly shiny locks – whether you curled or straightened your hair. See how to use the Frame Styler in the videos below. 


Curl your hair with tourmaline

Mie shows you how to achieve beautiful, shiny curls with the IdHAIR Frame Styler. Click on the video to watch.

Straighten your hair with tourmaline

Mie shows you how to achieve smooth and glossy hair with the IdHAIR Frame Styler. Click on the video to watch.

Find the right temperature for your hair

It’s also important to always make sure to adjust the heat on your hot tool to your hair type – even when using hot tools with tourmaline. While tourmaline helps protect your hair, you should never set the styling tool at a temperature higher than necessary. Find the temperature that best suits your hair type in this guide.

Heat Shield and Curl Creator from Elements Xclusive

Always use heat protection on the hair

Team up your tourmaline hot tool with a heat protection spray before you start styling you hair. This way, you create the best conditions for your beloved locks while creating a beautiful look. We love Curl Creator for making beautiful curls and waves in long hair and Heat Shield for when you want a straight look. Both super sprays are from our Elements Xclusive line – read more about it right here.

Now you know that tourmaline can seal your hair strands, making your hair beautiful and shiny with negative ions. So will you be using tourmaline next time you style your hair?

Have a nice hair day!

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