Ombre hair | All you need to know about this terrific hair trend

We love ombre! But what exactly is it? Hair fashion is full of exotically named hair colouring techniques, and you may be struggling to find your way around all those fancy expressions: Babylights, highlights, balayage and ombre. Continue reading and find out what ombre hair really is.

Ombre hair with dark roots
Ombre hair with pastel colours

The ‘shadow’ has made it into the spotlight

Ombre is French for ‘shadow’. Simply put it’s a colouring technique where the roots and mid-lengths have one colour which then fades into another colour towards the ends.

In classic ombre hairstyles, the root colour is either your natural colour or a colour very similar to your natural colour which is then bleached or coloured towards the ends. This way, your stylist doesn’t have to colour or bleach your roots. If your hair is naturally blonde, you may want to keep your blonde ends and give your roots a darker colour to achieve this ombre effect. But why limit yourself to natural colours? Ombre hairstyles can also be made using trending bright colours such as pink, purple or why not try a bold blue ombre hairstyle?

Is ombre for everyone? 

This hair colouring technique suits most lengths, even mid-length hair can pull off an ombre hairstyle. The effect is dramatic so it will definitely make an exciting and big change.

The benefits of ombre

Avoid the traditional roots and save money! If you get an ombre hairstyle with your natural roots, you won’t have to have your dye retouched every four weeks like you otherwise would if you bleached your hair to the roots. The ombre hairstyle actually changes beautifully over time as your hair grows transforming your hairstyle into a new one all on its own. How perfect is that?

Classic ombre hair with dark roots and blond ends
Sombre hair / soft ombre hair

Then what is a sombre hairstyle?

The sombre is a subtle version of the ombre hairstyle where the contrast between the too colours is more gradual. A sombre hairstyle is often made with several colours and less bleach, which is perfect if you are a bit reluctant to venture into the dramatic ombre hairstyle.

What to consider before going ombre?

You can make your own ombre/sombre hairstyle. However, these colouring techniques require you to know exactly where to make the highlighted sections. You also need to know how the bleaching products act on your hair and which colours are perfect for you.

Our clear recommendation is that you ask your stylist to give you that perfect, professionally made ombre hairstyle. Bring a photo of your ombre ‘vision’ of a hair style, so your stylist knows the result you’re after. An ombre hairstyle can take many forms, so make sure to align your expectations so you get the ombre hairstyle of your dreams.

How to care for your ombre hairstyle

Hårpleje til Ombre behandlet hår

Dark haired woman

If you have naturally dark hair

If you’re naturally dark, getting an ombre hairstyle will require bleaching and bleaching is always stressful for your hair. So make sure you take good care of your hair afterwards. Nourishing shampoo and conditioner are a must and should be supplemented by a weekly hair treatment.

We recommend that you use the Elements Xclusive Moisture series, which comprises shampoo, conditioner and a Leave-in Conditioning Cream to be applied to damp hair, making your hair feel soft and shiny.  

With the Elements Xclusive Blonde series you can avoid those yellow tones that may result from bleaching. This hair care regime comprises pigmented shampoo and conditioner that neutralise those unwanted warm tones, keeping your blonde hair looking beautiful..

Elements Xclusive Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

Blonde woman with long hair

If you are naturally blonde

If your hair is naturally blonde, you may be able to avoid bleaching and instead have your hair dyed to achieve that beautiful ombre hairstyle. Use the Elements Xclusive Colour series, which consists of colour-protecting products that keep your coloured hair shiny and with longer lasting colour.

Heat Shield fra Elements Xclusive

Protect your hair against the heat

You’ll probably want to style your fantastic ombre hair into luscious curls using a curling wand or make it super straight with a straightener. That’s why we’ve developed a heat-protecting hair product to protect your coloured hair from damage during heat treatment. Use the Heat Shield from Elements Xclusive to protect your hair. It contains UV filter to protect your colour from the sun. 

We hope this blog post leaves you inspired and informed about this fantastic hairstyle.

Have a nice hair day!

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