Sainō saks


A professional pair of scissors from Sainō is always in Zen

Zen, in its purest form, means to be focused on the presence. Just having the right focus. Every Sainō scissors are developed like this.

The scissors craftsman always has their full focus on the scissors at hand. This provides a very unique result , which sets a Sainō scissors apart from other scissors brands in the professional market.

Ergonomic, Performance, Durability, Craftsmanship

Sainō scissors are produced following a 4-step-proces: ergonomic, performance, durability and craftsmanship. When these four processes and mindsets are combined, it creates a pair of Sainō scissors. The ultimate tool that simply needs unwrapping and put into use. Everything to this point are proudly taken care of. 

About Sainō

The scissor craftsman has produced professional scissors for more than 40 years which is noticeable in the finished and well-balanced scissors. Sainō means talents and is a part of the IdHAIR Brand.