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Niophlex is a phlex system, designed for protecting the hair against damage, making it strong and resistant, even as you are doing your colour or chemical treatment in the salon.

Stronger and healthier hair starts here


Even if our hair colours have been developed to be as gentle as possible, chemical treatments may still leave the hair open, dry and with time perhaps even damaged.

That's why we have developed Niophlex. Niophlex is a phlex step system, designed for protecting the hair against damage, making it strong and resistant, even as you are doing your colour or chemical treatment in the salon.

Niophlex No. 1 and 2

Niophlex Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner

IdHAIR Niophlex creates outstanding results and it does not affect the working time for your chemical treatment. The phlex-system consists of two products that are used together with your chemical treatment and one product that can be used in the salon and that you can also sell to your customer.

Step 1

Mix the first product, Bonder No.1, into your colour mix for creating new bonds and protect the inner structure of the hair.


Step 2

No.2, Enhancer, is used to connect the bonds that you have created in step one, while nourishing and adding moisture to the hair.


Step 3

Finish your Niophlex treatment with Niophlex Rescue Conditioner in order to close the hair strand. Furthermore, the conditioner will add moisture, strength and shine to the hair. We also recommend you to advice your custumers to use the Niophlex Rescue Conditioner at home to maintain the soft salon feeling.  

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Niophlex key ingredients

Soybeans IsoFlavones: Provides care that improves the condition of the hair.

Creates bonds and protects the hair.

Extracted from rice and creating a protective shield around the hair strands.

Amino Acid:
Adds moisture and enhancing properties that keep the hair moisturized and repair the damaged parts.

Niophlex Bleach Powder

Lifting and healthy hair in one treatment. Niophlex Bleach Powder is our effective powder lightener that provides up to 7 levels of bleaching while, at the same time, creating new bonds and protecting the hair's internal structure.

Afblegningspulver fra Niophlex

Meleic Acid makes the hair stronger

Where traditional bleaching powders damage the hair's cortex and cuticles so that the strength of the hair is weakened, Niophlex Bleach Powder creates a healthier and stronger hair because the hair is protected at maximum during treatment. This is possible with the special formula that contains Maleic Acid, that connects to the hair's keratin structure. In that way, your customer´s hair is better protected, more resistant and more elastic.

Healthy and shiny hair

he result is a healthy, shiny hair that does not break easily. In fact, the Niophlex system is so effective that you can make more bleaching treatments on the same customer during the same day. When using Niophlex Bleach Powder, you do not have to change your work routines and techniques, just do your normal routines. In addition, Niophlex Bleach Powder contains protection against unwanted warm undertones in the hair. For a perfect finish of the treatment, get the best results with Niophlex Shampoo and Niophlex Enhancer No.2.

Complete your Niophlex experience

The series furthermore includes Niophlex Rescue Shampoo so you can give your customers the best back wash treatment. The shampoo and conditioner prolongs the god results that you have created by using Niophlex No.1 and No.2.

The Niophlex Shampoo and Conditioner is strengthening and nourishing for damaged hair as well as hair that has been treated with Niophlex.

IdHAIR Niophlex Rescue Spray

Spray with IdHAIR Niophlex Rescue Spray and let the nourishing drops complete your Niophlex treatment. The Niophlex Rescue Spray is a leave-in product and is specially designed for Niophlex-treated hair. However, anyone with dry hair can benefit from using it.