Two beautiful women - one with blond hair another with dark

Hair Paint

A complete colour system with with up to 70% less ammonia

New improved Hair Paint

IdHAIR Hair Paint is a complete colour system with lots of beautiful, soft shades, that work optimally with all hair types.

Low ammonia content

IdHAIR Hair Paint contains up to 70% less ammonia compared to other systems which lowers the risk of scalp irritation. This makes IdHAIR Hair Paint ideal for sensitive skin and scalp.

Creamy formula

The creamy formula of the IdHAIR Hair Paint makes the colours go further which makes IdHAIR Hair Paint very cost efficient.

Covers 100%

IdHAIR Hair Paint is a colour system that will cover all your salon needs with the oxidant cream of 1.5% - 3% - 6% - 9% and 12%, so your customers will leave your salon on a happy note each and every time.

Even the customers with grey hair will get a full cover hair colour result, and the reason for this is, among others, the unique Anti-Age Complex. 

IdHAIR Organic Care Complex ingredients and colour tubes

Organic Care Complex

The complex consists of three ingredients which each benefit the hair during colour treatments: Argan Oil, Giant Bamboo and Blueberry.

The combination of the ingredients cares for the hair and provides it with strength and shine. This results in less damage and leaves the hair healthier looking.

Argan oil


Giant bamboo

IdHAIR Premium Boosters

Multi-functional Premium Booster

Premium Booster from IdHAIR Hair Paint is a multi-functional oxidant cream which not only is suitable for the new Hair Paint colours but also fully intermixable with Hair Paint Free and the bleaching products from IdHAIR.

Obviously, the Booster is fully intermixable with the original Hair Paint. The stabilised formula in the IdHAIR Premium Booster makes it fast and easy to mix with the colours, while the lanolin nourishes the hair.