Model med lyst hår

Hair Paint

IdHAIR Hair Paint is a complete colour system with lots of beautiful, soft shades, that work optimally with all hair types.

Covers white and grey 100%


IdHAIR Hair Paint is a colour system that will cover all your salon needs, so your customers will leave your salon on a happy note each and every time. 

The colours cover grey and white hair 100% and contain an anti-age complex that protects and provides care for the hair using natural plant pigments (phytopigments).

Hair Paint farvesystem med beize, farveskål, farvepensel og farvetube
Hair Paint farvetube

The colours are easy to mix and use, and the high colour concentration makes them cost effective to use in the salon.

With IdHAIR Hair Paint you can be sure of a good result every time you perform a colour treatment.

Grapefruit on wooden table

Shiny results

Plant extracts, fruit oils and strong antioxidants from grapefruit and other citrus fruits provide a superbly durable and glossy result on all hairs.

Sunflowers on wooden table

UV protective ingredients

The colours contain sunflower oil that protects and provides UV protection.

Mandarins on wooden table

Care for the hair

The series is also enriched with mandarin oil, which protects the scalp during colouration, and ensures that the hair becomes nourished and easy to comb. In addition, the low content of ammonia in the IdHAIR Hair Paint colours ensures that any potential skin irritation of the scalp is reduced.