Beautiful woman with long red hair


The natural choice. IdHAIR Botany consist of 10 all-natural shades, 100% pure and free from ammonia.

Beautiful and natural colours

The colours highlight the natural beauty of the hair and contains a combination of different dyeing herbs, different kinds of lawsonia leaf powders from India or Egypt, rhubarb root powder, chamomile flower powder, walnut shell powder, just to mention a few.

Åbent brev med IdHAIR Botany hårfarvepulver spredt ud på hvidt træbord
Botany IdHAIR æske i mørk trækasse

IdHair Botany is simply to be mixed with water and contains a unique combination of vegetal revitalizing ingredients, that nourish the hair, making it silky and shiny.

IdHAIR Botany is a natural choice that doesn´t change the hair structure adversely, and the products are all vegan.

The colours from IdHAIR Botany have been carefully analyzed in order to guarantee their purity and safety. Al mixtures have been dermatologically tested and have also been assessed for their chemical and microbiological stability.