Beautiful woman with perm curls

Black Magic

Fantastic perm system which gives perfect, long lasting curls and waves - every time!

Perfect curls in a short time

IdHAIR Black Magic is our fantastic perm system that creates perfect, durable curls and waves every time you perform a perm treatment in the salon. 

Black Magic permanentvæsker på hvidt træbord
Black Magic Keratin og Neutralizer på hvidt træbord

Unlike other more traditional perm systems, IdHAIR Black Magic is gentle to the hair and scalp and has a pleasant scent. The working time is only 10 minutes and the series contains a finishing keratin treatment that effectively neutralizes all chemical residues in the hair.

Black Magic comes in three strengths to suit all hair types, from normal to porous hair, so all of your customers can get the curls of their dreams.