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Sensitive Xclusive

Fragrance free, high quality hair products - life without fragrance can still be fun and fashionable!

Fragrance free styling and care for your hair

Allergic reactions to fragrance are becoming increasingly more frequent.  We don’t believe that fear of a reaction should prevent you from having a nice hair day.  This is why we have created  the IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive range of gentle styling and care products especially suited to sensitive skin and hair.

All the IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive products are high quality whilst remining gentle to prevent your scalp from irritation or reaction from fragrance and parabens. IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive is suitable for all hair and skin types and has been dermatologically tested.

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient in the styling range in IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive.  It conditions the hair whilst providing moisture and shine.  All the styling products are vegan and gluten free.

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You don’t need to suffer from an allergy to choose fragrance free hair products. It may be an active choice of yours to minimise or eliminate the use of fragrance – or maybe you just want smell of your favourite eau de something. With Sensitive Xclusive you’ll find an exclusive selection of high-quality hair products free of fragrance that still give you the opportunity to create beautiful stylings.


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The fragrance free hair care products from Sensitive Xclusive contains a complex with extracts from vegetables, known for calming irritated skin and scalp. The hair care products also provides lots of moisture. 


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