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Original wax

Hair wax for all lengths of hair: short, medium and long - we've got it!

Original wax - popular wax for all 

For more than two decades, IdHAIR Original has been the preferred hair wax with the male population of Denmark. Since the international introduction of the wax, its popularity has grown world-wide. The hair wax is available for short, medium and long hair.

Mud Wax is a classic hair wax, and it is one of our bestsellers. Use IdHAIR Soft Silver for a soft hold, IdHAIR Hard Gold for a stronger hold or IdHAIR Extreme Titanium if you’re looking for an extremely strong hold hair wax. 

Clay Wax differs from a mud wax in terms of consistence. This hair wax is thick and dry, which makes it ideal for a dusty and edgy look. Go for IdHAIR Dusty Bronze if you’re in for this look.

Gel Wax is a special kind of hair wax that combines the best properties from hair gel and wax. It locks the hair as a gel, but the consistency is that of a hair wax. Try IdHAR Beach Gum if you are looking for this feeling in your hair. 

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Easy to rinse out

All wax from IdHAIR Original are easily washed out.

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Pareben free

All our IdHAIR Original wax are without parabenes.