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Gentle high quality hair products for everyday needs

Good care products for your hair are essential, and for that reason we have developed the IdHAIR Essentials products. We have the entire family hair wash covered with the two mild and foaming shampoos.

In IdHAIR Essentials you find a shampoo for fine/normal hair and one for colour treated hair, that preserves your hair colour. The hair care series also contains a wonderful conditioner that adds shine and moisture to your hair.

When you have pampered your hair with the gentle shampoo and conditioner, you can choose to use the hairspray from the same series for styling the hair.

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Key ingredients

The shampoos and conditioner from IdHAIR Essentials contains extract from golden calendulas. The extract ensures to provide moisture to your hair every time you wash your hair. 

Furthermore, the shampoo for colour treated hair contains sunflower seeds which prevents your hair colour from fading after a colour treatment.