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Products formulated with love to Curly Girl hair

Curly Xclusive is a range of care and styling products for curly hair, free from harsh fragrances that can strip your beautiful Curly Girl hair's natural oils and cause frizz.

Curly Xclusive hair products are free from sulphates and silicones. But that's not all - IdHAIR Curly Xclusive is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and offers your curls UV and colour protection thanks to sunflower seed extracts.

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Curly Xclusive care products with protein and abundant moisture

Curls in Balance

Your path to lovely, defined curls is discovered when you find the ideal balance between moisture and protein in your beautiful curly locks.

Protein is a crucial element in hair that helps to strengthen and maintain the enchanting structure of curls. Moisture ensures that the hair remains healthy and visually stunning.

Find your curl balance for Curly Girl hair with Curly Xclusive.

Curly Xclusive Care

Dive into our Curly Xclusive world and achieve the ultimate curl definition with beautifully crafted hair care products, including gentle hair washes, conditioners, and treatments, specially designed to pamper your Curly Girl hair.

Style Your Curly Girl Hair

Want beautiful curls like a Curly Girl? Avoid heat styling tools and harsh chemicals that can strip your hair's natural oils and cause frizz.

Try gentle techniques such as plopping, diffusing, and scrunching to enhance your curls.

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Curly Xclusive Styling

With a few gentle styling products, your Curly Girl hair is one step closer to radiating beauty!

Get inspired by Curly Xclusive's styling range of loving cuddles for your curls.

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Curly Xclusive cleansing conditioner

A cleansing conditioner

also known as a co-wash, is an essential component for making your curls pop to perfection with beautiful definition. It's a low-lathering, sulfate-free hair product specially developed to cleanse and soften your curly hair gently without stripping its natural oils.

A cleansing conditioner promotes moisture retention in your curls and minimises frizz. It's a great choice for you if your curly hair is dry, and you want to restore or maintain your hair's health and natural texture.

A moisture-rich conditioner

can be highly beneficial for curly hair, as it helps to rebuild and maintain moisture in the hair, reducing dryness, split ends, and frizz.

Curly Xclusive Moisturising Conditioner is specially formulated to provide deep hydration and nourishment for curly hair.

Moisture and nourishment can help improve your curly locks' texture, manageability, and overall condition. Coconut oil penetrates the hair strands, providing lasting hydration while also helping to soften the hair.

Curly Xclusive Moisture Treatment

A moisture-rich hair treatment

is great for curly hair, as it helps to nourish and hydrate the hair, which is essential for maintaining healthy curls. The ingredients in Curly Xclusive Moisture Treatment are designed to provide the necessary moisture and nourishment so that your curls can appear at their most beautiful: healthy, hydrated, and defined.

IdHAIR Curly Xclusive protein conditioner for Curly Girl hair penetrates deep into the hair strands, strengthening your hair from the inside out.

A protein conditioner 

for Curly Girl hair penetrates deeply into the hair strands and strengthens your hair from the inside out. Give your Curly Girl hair new vitality with Curly Xclusive Protein Conditioner and enjoy the natural elasticity, fewer split ends, and improved texture and appearance of your curly locks that the conditioner provides.


A protein-rich hair treatment

is beneficial for curly hair because it helps to strengthen the hair, improve elasticity, and reduce damage.

A protein-rich hair treatment should be used in moderation as too much protein can make curly locks more prone to breakage!

The ingredients in Curly Xclusive Protein Treatment work beautifully together to provide the necessary protein and nourishment to keep your curls strong, healthy, and resilient.

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