IdHAIR Black male model


IdHAIR Black is 100% for men only and designed for today's man who demands simple, easy-to-use and efficient products that do the job and are freshly and masculine scented.

Excellent male grooming

We are aware that we are all busier than ever, and we have had this in mind throughout the process, so we can help you save time and still have good looking hair, a healthy scalp and even smell good.

Based on men's basic grooming needs, IdHAIR Black is a small, exclusive range of products for masculine care, problem solving, styling and fragrance. In IdHAIR Black you will find eg. our super popular Total Shampoo, and as the name indicates, this product manages all needs.

Hair, body and shave. That's smart, and that's the though behind ​​the series. It contains the products a real man need.

Ingen allergene parfumer

It has to smell good

Products have to have a nice fragarance and products for men have to have a masculine scent. That's why we have put a lot of energy in finding the right scent.

There are many perfumes, but some are actually better than others. There are 26 especially allergenic perfumes that are frequently used, and that one has to inform about if they are being used. This is because there is a particular risk of an allergic reaction.

We have chosen not to use any of these in IdHAIR Black, so the products are safer for you to use. Therefore, we only use the so-called non-allergenic perfumes.