Vitamins for your hair | The 3 most important for healthy hair

Are split ends and breakage the order of the day, making your strands look sad and lifeless? Adjust your diet and eat your way to luscious locks. It’s not just your body that needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and strong, your hair does too. We take you closer to healthier and stronger hair with this guide to all those vitamins and minerals that your strands will love.

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Healthy food gives healthy hair

Strengthen your hair from within

You are what you eat! You’ve definitely heard that one before and it’s true!

Your body and hair need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. You can actually eat your way to healthy hair, strengthening your strands from within.

But first, ask your GP to make a blood test to diagnose any deficiencies you may have. Your body’s appearance is affected by how you feel on the inside. You’ve probably experienced increased shedding or skin breakouts when you’ve been under a lot of stress. It’s important to keep your body and your hair balanced.

3 essential vitamins for your hair

vitamins for the hair biotin - peanuts

1. Vitamin B 

There are several types of vitamin B, and they all influence your hair. Vitamin B deficiencies, especially lack of biotin, may cause hair loss, which is probably not high on your wish list. Ingesting biotin only has a visible effect on your hair if you have a biotin deficiency.

It doesn’t increase hair growth, but it helps prevent hair loss caused by biotin deficiency. Biotin also normalises hair growth, making your hair grow more or faster. Peanuts are a great source of biotin, so knock yourself out if you relish a nice peanut butter sandwich.

vitamin c is good for your hair - oranges full of vitamin c

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another important vitamin for your hair. Vitamin C contributes, along with iron, to the formation of amino acids, which the body needs to build protein. Amino acids are constituents of the protein called collagen, which is important for your hair structure. As you get older, your body’s production of collagen is reduced leading to gradually thinning hair.

It may sound a bit technical, but it’s actually quite simple: Vitamin C strengthens your hair! Fortunately, foods like oranges, cauliflower and freshly harvested potatoes are rich in vitamin C. 

Vitaminer til håret med E-vitamin - æg

3. Vitamin E 

You’ve probably already heard or read about how fantastic antioxidants are for your body, but did you know that vitamin E is actually an antioxidant that protects the body’s cells? Go for milk, cereal and eggs on your next trip to the supermarket and eat your way to healthier hair.

Minerals are essential for keeping a healthy hair 

2 essential minerals for your hair


1. Iron

Iron is a vital mineral for your body. It enables oxygen to be transported to the body tissues. Iron has a huge impact on how much hair you have, and Iron deficiency may lead to hair loss which is something you’re definitely not interested in. The main sources of iron are meat, cereals and green vegetables.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that has a positive effect on scalp issues such as dandruff, which can actually also lead to hair loss! Eating oatmeal and almonds for breakfast is a great way to get a head start on your daily magnesium intake. 

Green vegetables are good for the hair
Oat meal are good for the hair

Then there’s collagen!

We’ve already touched upon what collagen does. When we hit 35, our natural production of collagen starts to slow down. Our skin gradually loses its resilience and our hair turns grey. Don’t worry as you can supplement your waning collagen production with dietary supplements and the right foods.

Many foods contain collagen. You’re probably already ingesting collagen without even knowing it. Collagen is found in both meat and vegetables, especially beef, cabbage, aubergine and spinach.

You may also opt for a collagen supplement. The supplement is available as capsules and as a powder. The collagen content varies by brand and type, so keep an eye on those ingredients.

Vitamin-infused hair care products

You can also add vitamins to the outside of your strands with vitamin-infused hair care products. Spray your hair with vitamins A and E using Niophlex Rescue Spray. Or add vitamin C to your long tresses using IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Long Hair Shampoo.  Pamper your hair with vitamin B while refreshing your hair colour with the IdHAIR Colour Bomb colour treatment.  

Now, go use your new knowledge about vitamins and minerals to grow a healthy head of hair. Enjoy and bon appétit!

Have a nice hair day!

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