5 ways the sun damages your hair


Ah yes! The sun is out, and you’re probably already soaking it up. If you just looove the sun and never miss an opportunity to catch those fabulous rays, we’re here to shed some (sun)light on the most frequent causes of sun damage to your hair.

Woman with sun hat
Woman with sunglasses facing the sun

From May through August the sun is high enough in the sky for your skin to absorb its rays, producing vitamin D – a vitamin that does wonders for your hair and may even indirectly impact how much it grows. 15-20 minutes of sun exposure a day from May through August is all a typical Scandinavian needs to achieve those positive effects of the sun.

It all sounds nice and well – and if you’re even one of those people that benefits from the highlights that develop naturally from sun exposure, everything is well in the world. If you leave your hair to sizzle in the sun all summer, the sun may break down the keratin in your hair and cause visible damage.

5 signs that your hair is sun damaged

Typical Scandinavian fine hair is more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging UV rays than darker, thicker hair types. Darker hair contains more pigment, which offers some natural protection against the sun’s rays.

If one or more of the below characteristics apply to your hair at the end of summer, you may be the not-so-lucky owner of sun damaged hair.

Split ends on long hair

#1 Split ends

The sun is hard on your ends, wearing them down until they split. Split ends break more easily, which means that you’ll be shedding some of those long strands too! 

Dry long hair

#2 Dry hair

One of the most common ways the sun damages your hair is by drying it out over the summer.

Thin hair

#3 Thinning hair

The sun thins your hair, and if it is thin already, you should be extra careful when exposing your hair to the sun over the summer.

Frizzy hair

#4 Frizzy hair

The sun can damage the outside cover of the hair strand – the cuticle – making your hair frizzy. When put under a microscope, your frizzy strands will look like perfect, tiny Christmas trees. But Christmas trees don’t belong in your hair.

Faded colour in dried out hair

#5 Faded hair colour

The sun will make your colour-treated hair fade more quickly. Luckily, there are colour-protecting products on the market, so time and money spent on colour treatment at your stylist aren’t a complete waste.

How to protect your hair from sun damage

There’s a lot you can do to prevent the sun from turning your hair into a dry, thinning, frizzy mess with split ends and a faded colour. Like your skin, you can protect your hair against the damaging UV rays, keeping your strands shiny, soft and healthy over the summer.

#1 Wear a hat

Use a sun hat as a sunscreen for your hair if you’re going out in the sun. There’s a fantastic array of wonderful sun hats to choose from in all price ranges and styles. Just pick the style that fits your mood.

Sun protection for hair
Sunkissed woman with long hair

#2 Use hair products with sunscreen

Look for hair products with sunscreen when you’re going out into the summer sun. Our Elements Xclusive styling and hair care series offers hair products with sunscreen. For example, you can use our Colour Shampoo and Colour Conditioner to protect your colour-treated hair.

Our Colour hair products do a lot more than protect colour-treated hair against sun damage. They also contain a lot of nourishing ingredients that prevent naturally-coloured dry and lifeless strands.

Keep your hair looking healthy and shiny by treating your precious strands to a nourishing hair treatment more often over the summer. Discover colour treatments from IdHAIR Colour Bomb that revitalise your dry hair giving it shine and colour while replenishing the keratin.

Enjoy the summer and all of those nice hair days!

Have a nice hair day!

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