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All your bags are packed and you’re ready to pull the plug on a busy schedule and dive headfirst into the pool or the ocean. Hold on, isn’t there something about saltwater and chlorine not mixing well with colour-treated or highlighted hair? So how do you protect your balayage, ombre or whatever fabulous style you have chosen for your hair? We’ll give you 3 easy tips to take with you that will take really good care of your strands this summer.

Woman laying in the sea with wet hair
woman in pool with summer hat

#1 Wet your hair before jumping in

Soaking up all that sun can bring out a sweat, so now you’re headed for those cool waves. You should actually wet your hair before diving into the salty sea or jumping into the pool.

Salt water and chlorine will dry your hair, draining it of all its moisture. The end result may be damaged hair that sometimes even turn a lighter shade of green! Making your hair wet before you go into the water prevents it from absorbing the salt and chlorine because it has already absorbed a lot of water. Now that’s clever!

Woman showering on the beach

Many holiday destinations offer beach and pool showers where you can wet you hair before diving in. If not, bring a few bottles of water to pour over your locks.

Also remember to rinse your hair of salt water and chlorine after splashing around in the pool or the ocean. Your hair will go dry and coarse after being exposed to salt water and chlorine because it absorbs all of those minerals, making your strands swell. The longer you splash around, the greater the damage to your cuticle layer.

#2 Take good care of your hair

Care for your summer hair! Salt water is alkaline, which means that its pH is higher than that of your hair. So you should definitely take good care of your hair during the summer months and in particular during your beach holiday.

A hair treatment can nourish your damaged hair while a conditioner leaves a protective film around the hair strands, closing the cuticle temporarily, keeping the treatment in for as long as possible. Your hair even becomes water repellent and will be left feeling and looking flexible and shiny, both indispensable characteristics of that silky smooth and soft summer hair. 

Hair treatment with pea protein

Look for low-pH hair treatment (3.5-4.5) with a high moisture content like the Repair Treatment from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive. 

And use a conditioner after every hair wash! The conditioner seals the hair and makes it more resistant to damage from salt, chlorine and the sun. Particularly the leave-in conditioner is a must-have on your beach holiday, because it keeps nourishing your hair all day long.

Another must-have hair care product for your summer hair is a hair treatment spray. The hair treatment spray moisturises your hair making it more resistant to the drying effect of salt water and chlorine. Bring it to the beach and use it on your hair every time you apply sunscreen to your body. You can, for example, try the 911 Rescue Spray from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive. 

911 from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive in a beach bag

#3 Extend the life of your hair colour

If your hair is colour-treated you should take extra good care of it over the summer. The sun’s UV rays break down the keratin in your hair and penetrate the hair strand, making your hair colour fade. You notice the damaging effect much faster on dyed or highlighted hair because colour treatment leaves the cuticle layer open, and the coloured molecules are not as durable as the naturally occurring melamine in your hair.

Hair Treatment and colour mixed in a bowl

Fortunately, you can use a colour treatment to prevent fading hair colour. Extend the life of your hair colour with IdHAIR Colour Bomb that replenishes the keratin in your hair, giving it a beautiful tone. This colour treatment is available in 22 beautiful shades and if your hair colour is not among the existing colours, your IdHAIR stylist can mix the colour for you in a travel size container.

That should take care of those summer strands. Now it’s off to the beach!

Have a nice hair day!

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