Split ends | How to take control of them

Split ends are quite common in long hair. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to avoid them. Split ends aren’t really the best foundation for a good hair day are they? Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent them. Read more here and find out how to take control of those super annoying split ends.

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Split ends in long hair

5 threats to your ends 

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair. Considering that your hair grows around 12 centimetres a year, they’ve been through quite a lot by now!  Your long tresses have been through their share of hair washes, winters, shopping trips and beach holidays to name just a few of those activities that affect your ends.

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#1 Hot tools

Straightened hair, curly hair... The best results are often achieved using hot tools like straighteners and curling irons. Unfortunately, those high temperatures may be very damaging to your hair. Keep reading for tips on how to reduce the risk of heat damage to your hair. 

Woman shopping clothing

#2 Shopping trips

We know you like shopping, but your strands don’t. Brought to a head, shopping strains your hair. If you have trouble deciding on ‘that top or the other’ and you try on the clothes several times, you put strain on your tresses. Generally speaking, coming into contact with clothes strains your hair. But unless you want to walk around naked, it’s a necessary evil.


#3 Brushing and styling

Kinks and knots in your hair will put a stop to that beautiful look you’re after. Overbrushing your hair for longer periods of time may start a wildfire of split ends. Split ends are ‘contagious’, so they may end up infecting your healthy hair too! Read on to learn about the best way to brush your hair.

Don’t use hair bands with metal joints in your braids, ponytail, bun or other hairstyles that require use of hair bands. They may wear and tear your hair strands causing them to break and produce split ends.

Woman in a city with falling snow flakes

#4 Weather/climate

Sun, wind and cold temperatures are hard on your hair and may be one of the causes of your split ends. The weather often causes your hair to dry out, and dry hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. Fortunately, there are plenty of different hair products that can help you solve the problem.

Woman eating burger

#5 The wrong diet

You can tell by your hair if you’re eating the right diet. Your hair lets you know if you’re not getting enough of those important vitamins and minerals or if you’re dehydrated. 

10 tips: How to reduce split ends

Below we give you 10 useful tips on how to keep your hair healthy and reduce the risk of split ends.  

#1 Use dry shampoo

Use dry shampoo to skip a hair wash once in a while. Your hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, so your ends will thank you for skipping a hair wash.

#2 Treat your hair to a nice hair treatment

A nourishing hair treatment will replenish the keratin in your strands, making your hair more resilient and preventing those split ends. We recommend that you use a hair treatment once a week. Try, for example, the Repair Treatment from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive.

#3 Use Niophlex treatment

Split ends may be a sign of dry or stressed hair. With a Niophlex salon treatment you strengthen your long strands. The result is strong and shiny hair that doesn’t break. You can prolong the benefits of the Niophlex salon treatment with the IdHAIR Niophlex Home Care range.

#4 Trim those ends

You’re probably very pleased with your long tresses and shudder at the thought of your stylist cutting off too much when you’ve just asked for a trim. In fact, your long tresses will become stronger if you have them trimmed once every 3 to 4 months. And strong hair is the best foundation for growing your hair even longer. You actually only have to trim a few millimetres off your ends to get that strengthening effect.

Scissors cutting split ends

#5 Brush your hair the right way

Split ends usually make your hair tangle. Tangled hair is more prone to wear when you whip out your hairbrush – even when you use it gently. Always start brushing your hair at the ends and work your way up towards the roots. We’ll show you how in the video below.

#6 Use heat protection

If you style your hair with hot tools like curling irons or straighteners, we recommend that you start by applying heat protection. This reduces heat damage to your hair. Try, for example, the IdHAIR Mé Heat Defender.

#7 Set your blow dryer to low temperature                 

As you already know, heat damage is one of the most common causes of split ends. Blow dry your hair at low temperatures. Or even better, avoid blow drying your hair altogether and leave your strands to air dry.

Scrunchie in a bun

#8 Use the right hair elastic bands

2021 hair fashion gave us many cool hair accessories, for example, the scrunchie. That’s definitely a fashion trend that will benefit your hair. Scrunchies are super gentle on your hair compared to hair bands with metal joints. The spiral or coil hair tie is another gentle choice of hair band for your ponytail or bun. The spirals reduce the risk of you pulling and breaking your strands.

#9 Be gentle with your towel

You just got out of the shower after enjoying a good hair wash. You grab your towel and start vigorously rubbing your hair dry. Stop! Your hair is extremely vulnerable when wet. So, you need to be gentle when drying your hair with a towel to prevent the surface of your strands from rubbing against each other. Watch the video below to learn how to dry your hair with a towel.

#10 Use moisturising hair products for damaged hair 

Avoiding split ends is virtually impossible, but there are ways to reduce them. Choose hair care products rich on moisturising ingredients to repair damaged hair like, for example, Repair Shampoo and Conditioner from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive.

This should tie up any loose (split) ends. Next stop: Healthy hair!

Have a nice hair day!

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