Itching | How to avoid itching and burning skin 


You’re comfortably enjoying a warm summer night after having spent a wonderful day in the sun. A summer breeze caresses your hair. Your naked legs are lazily stretched out in front of you, and suddenly you hear that sound: The annoying buzzing of a mosquito looking for a feast. What does beautiful summer legs, mosquito bites and sunburn have in common? Read this blog post and you’ll know.

Itching mosquito bite on arm
Shaping legs in shower

How to fight itching mosquito bites


One again, we’re in for months with itching and burning skin. Fret not! There’s an easy solution to this itching and burning nuisance. 

Just whip out your IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 and put an end to the itchy feeling that you get after mosquitoes have used you for their favourite snack buffet. 

Woman scratching her mosquito bites

IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 is not only ideal for scalp problems, this fantastic product also reduces the nuisance of those itching mosquito bites.  This menthol-containing cream also contains a lot of helpful ingredients to soothe itching and burning skin. Also helpful against sunburn.

Use it against sunburn 

Sunburn is another one of the hazards this summer. You probably know all about it. In your hurry to go catch some rays, you forget to apply sun lotion. It doesn’t really matter though, because you’re only going to stay out in the sun for a few minutes, anyway. Oops! Where did the time go?! You end up spending a few hours out in the sun and your skin is now flaming red! The itching and burning is terrible. Give your IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 a try and apply it to the exposed area.  The menthol will cool and soothe your skin.


However cooling and soothing the effect of Solutions No. 5 is on your skin, we still recommend that you apply sunscreen the next time you want to catch some sun. And while you’re at it, always remember to protect your hair against sun damage too.  

IdHAIR Solutions No 5, a lady shaver in pink and a white towel

Get those soft summer legs with IdHAIR Solutions No. 5

There’s nothing better or more beautiful than newly shaved, smooth and silky summer legs without a hint of those nasty ingrown hairs. IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 may be just the right thing for the job. 

IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 is a peeling treatment that is not only great for your scalp, you can also use it to rid your legs of dead skin cells.  As an added bonus, IdHAIR Solutions No. 5 also moisturises your skin! Dead skin cells are often the culprit when your silky smooth summer legs turn into a bumpy razor rash track. Try adding this refreshing multi-product to your legs to reduce the risk of those burning bumps.

At IdHAIR we’ve used these tips successfully for years, and we hope that they will make your summer!

Have a nice hair day!

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