Permanent curls | The 2020 wave (and how to care for it)


Perms are back and before you dismiss them with a “poodle no more”, let’s make it clear: today’s permanent curls are completely different from what you experienced in the 80s.

Permanent curly hair on woman laying one the floor
Permanent curls in the making

Soft, natural-looking waves in short and long lengths; these are the curls of the 2020s – far, far away from the poodle hair of the 80s. Whether you’re flashing a short hairstyle, a bob or long hair, permanent curls may provide texture and volume to your fashionable 2020 hairstyle.

Curls on the catwalk, curls for a party and casual curls 

Do you just looove styling your hair into those lusciously soft waves when preparing for a night on the town? Scrolling down Instagram, how many photos of beautiful balayage and audacious ombre wavy hairstyles have you passed?

Gucci also appeared to have been hit by a wave of inspiration when supermodel Mica Arganaraz entered the catwalk flashing those wonderful waves. Why only flash those curls at parties? Make every hair day count with permanent curls.

Swipe your way through our gallery and get inspired for your next wavy style – this is the 2020 take on curls:

How to care for you permanent curls

Care for your perm! When your stylist has given you the curls of your dreams, it’s important to use the right hair care products to take good care of them. Permanent curls last for up to six months depending on how well your hair absorbs the treatment and how you take care of them afterwards. We’ll give you 7 great tips on how to make those permanent curls last longer.



You should wait 24 hours to wash your hair with shampoo. After redesigning your hair’s building blocks, your hair needs time to settle into its new shape. It takes 1-2 days.


Choose a moisturising shampoo. Try the Moisture series from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive with pea protein that adds tonnes of moisture to your hair. 


Use a leave-in conditioner on your curls. Curls looove moisture all day long, so leave-in treatments are a treat. Try the Moisture Leave-In Conditioner from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive.


Don’t be too enthusiastic with the towel when drying your hair; gently squeeze the water out instead of using the towel.


Don’t use too high a temperature when blow-drying your hair. A high temperature may make your curls frizzy.


Also remember that a nice haircut can bring new life to your curls. If your hair gets too long, it can weigh your curls down making them less defined. 


It’s individual how long permanent curls last, so ask your stylist when you should have your next perm.

Have a nice hair day! 

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