Layered haircuts for short and long hair | Find the perfect style

Are you dreaming of a medium-length tousled bob like Emma Stone or long full-bodied hair like Chrissy Teigen? Then a layered haircut is the way to go.

We are all different and it can be difficult to determine which hairstyle will bring out your most beautiful features. Layered haircuts are an easy and great way to add volume and style your hair to suit your face shape. Read more and let us guide you to your perfect hairstyle.

Etageklip på kvinde med skulderlangt hår
Etageklip på kvinde med skulderlangt hår og pandehår

Get in shape with a layered haircut

You have used a variety of great hair products to add volume to your hair and still, before long, it ends up going flat and limp. But don't worry, you are not alone!

Many Scandinavian women have this silky, fine hair without much volume, which easily goes flat at the roots. The layered haircut can put a stop to that. A layered haircut – when the stylist cuts your hair in different lengths – is the perfect way to add more volume and movement to your fine hair.


A full mane and layered haircuts are BFF


If you are blessed with a full mane, layered haircuts are also your friend. A layered haircut is a great way to take some of the weight off and make the hair more manageable.

Whether your hair is thin or full, a great layered haircut will make it easier to style your hair and keep it in shape all day long. You can have a layered cut throughout or only in the outer layer depending on your hair’s thickness and length and on which hairstyle best suits your face shape. 

And you can easily have a layered haircut while keeping your long tresses!

Layered haircuts and face shapes

A good, well-cut, and nice hairstyle accentuates your best features and draws attention away from the features you don’t want people to notice. Here are some tips on how to choose that perfect face-flattering hairstyle for you.

round face and a layered haircut

Round face – add length to your face

If you have a round face, a layered haircut that adds volume at the top of your head will be a great choice. Make sure to slim the sides and keep lengths below your jawline. This elongates your face and makes it appear more harmonious.

Square face and a layered haircut

Square face – soften your face shape with waves

If you have a square face, a layered haircut will make it easier to style your hair into waves or enhance your hair’s natural waves and movement. And that’s the look you should go for. Waves soften your face shape, whereas completely straight hairstyles will accentuate the contours of your square face.

oval face shape and a layered haircut

Oval face – avoid adding volume at the top

If your face is oval, a layered haircut will add volume and life to your mane. Your oval face is perfect for many different styles. However, you should avoid long and completely straight styles, as they will emphasise the length of your face, making it look even longer. Also avoid too much volume at the top of your head.

oblong face and layered haircut

Oblong face – avoid straight, long hair

The oblong face is a lot like the oval face but narrower and longer. If you have an oblong face, you will also benefit from a layered haircut! Preferably only with shoulder-length hair, adding volume around your face and making it look shorter. Layers that frame your face will make your face appear shorter. Avoid long, straight hair as it can make your face shape appear even longer!

Heart-shaped face and a layered haircut

Heart-shaped face – go for long layers

If you have high cheekbones that gradually narrow towards your jaw, you have a heart-shaped face. You would benefit from a hairstyle with a bit of length and volume at the sides. Avoid too much volume at the top of your head and the very short hairstyles with a lot of volume as they make your face look longer and draw attention to your chin. Go for long layers starting just below your cheekbones.

Kvinde med skulderlangt etageklippet hår

Styling products for layered hairstyles

Once you’ve got a nice layered haircut, your tresses deserve the best styling products. Use Elements Xclusive styling products – a luxurious series of haircare products with a product for every need.  For example, the wonderful Styling Foam that adds a lot of volume and hold, or the Control Wax, which is excellent for restyling your hair. Complete the look with one of our finishing products that add hold and shine, for example, the Flexible Hairspray, which adds light to medium hold and a bit of shine.

Now, we believe you are set to choose the right layered hairstyle for you – so it’s off to the stylist for that face-flattering hairstyle. Enjoy!

Have a nice hair day!

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