Hair volume | How to increase your hair volume

We all dream of voluminous hair. With the right styling tips and products, you can make any hair type deliciously voluminous, whether it's long or short.

Brunette with voluminous hair
Blond female with voluminous hair

First, you should decide where you want the increased volume. Is it at the roots or do your want your hair strands to feel thicker? You can create volume with your blow dryer or by styling your dry hair – and it does matter which option you choose.

Add volume to fine hair

Scandinavian hair tends to be fine and straight. It’s often difficult to make a hairstyle, for example curls, hold in this hair type. Using your blow dryer to create volume is therefore the best option for fine hair as the hair can absorb the product while being dried. You also prepare the hair for any subsequent styling. 

Dry shampoo is the perfect solution for fine hair


The IdHAIR Mé fibre foam, for example, is perfect for creating volume and hold while blow drying. The fibres in the foam add texture and make the hair strands feel thicker, generally making the hair easier to control.

If you only want to add volume at the roots, dry shampoo is the perfect solution for fine hair. The IdHAIR Mé dry shampoo adds texture and volume and there’s another upside: You no longer have to worry about your hair becoming greasy.

The dry shampoo absorbs oil, and you only have to use a small amount. A single spray of this product will create visible results, and by applying more sprays, you can work your way up to the exact amount of volume you’re after.  Watch the video below to see how you can create volume with IdHAIR Mé Dry Clean.

You can easily apply too much product to fine hair, so it’s important to go easy. Test the waters and see if you’re among the lucky ones that can apply hair products both before and after blow drying your hair.

Add volume to normal hair

If you have a ‘normal’ head of hair, you can try out a wide variety of hair products because your hair is able to absorb hair products quite easily and it’s also easy to style using, for example, a curling wand.

Create soft waves like these with a straightener, use a bit of hair spray and your hair should be set for the day. In fact, using a light hair mousse like the one from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive, you can add even more volume to your hair. The mousse also provides medium hold to give your hair hold while keeping it flexible. 

Short haired woman with volume in her har
Female bob hair cut with volume

Add volume to short hair

It’s easier for short hair to retain volume at the roots and in your lengths. Long hair is heavier, weighing the hair down. That’s not a problem for short hair, so you should take advantage of that. IdHAIR Mé Massive Powder is the perfect solution for adding volume at the roots, but if your hair isn’t longer than shoulder length, it works really well in the lengths too.  

Have a nice hair day!

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