Hair treatments | How to choose the perfect hair treatment for your hair

Don’t choose just any hair treatment – it needs to match your hair type to make sure that your hair gets the best possible treatment. But how do you choose the right hair treatment for your hair then? And how do you apply it? These 5 useful tips will bring you closer to the perfect hair treatment for your hair.

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Hair treatment and multi masking for your hair

To choose the right hair treatment, you need to know what your hair actually needs. Is your hair dry or damaged? Does the colour fade quickly after a colour treatment? If you answer yes to more than one of these questions, which problem should you then solve first?

Woman looking at damaged hair and split ends

Tip #1: Fix damaged hair first 

Always choose a hair treatment that repairs damaged hair. Damaged hair leads to breakage and if your hair breaks off, there’s obviously not much left to save! 
Fix damaged hair first – then moisturise. Luckily, most hair treatments for damaged hair also add moisture.

Sunflower seeds provides with colour-preserving effect

Tip #2: Know your ingredients

The ingredients in the hair treatment of your choice should match what the product promises to do. It’s therefore important that you know which ingredients do what for your hair. Most hair products come with a list of ingredients. Here are some of the most frequently used ingredients that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Protein – strengthens the hair to prevent breakage

  • Nut butters – have a moisturising and softening effect

  • Sunflower seed oil – has a colour-preserving effect

Tip #3: Avoid sulphates and parabens

Choose a hair treatment formula that doesn’t contain chemicals such as sulphates and parabens – they are bad for your hair. A hair repair treatment must add strength and elasticity to prevent breakage. If your hair is very damaged, use ahair treatment twice a week.

Keep up with the two weekly hair treatment routine until your hair feels strong and elastic enough. After that only use a hair treatment once a week.

Tip #4: There’s a difference between hair treatment and conditioner

Hair treatment is a hair product that, unlike conditioner, works inside the hair strand. It opens the cuticle layer and penetrates the hair. You have to leave in a hair treatment for several minutes, and there’s a special reason for that.

Start with a hair treatment

When the hair strand is opened up, the hair treatment ingredients start working on the different areas of the strand in need of treatment. How long it takes depends on the ingredients. Always follow the recommended waiting time on the packaging of your hair treatment. It is adapted to how long the different ingredients need to work their magic on your sad-looking, lifeless locks.

Finish with conditioner

Continue and finish your hair care routine with a great conditioner. Your hair treatment opened the cuticle layer to be able to work inside the hair strand, so now you need to close the cuticle layer again. If you don’t, your hair will feel frizzy. Always finish with a conditioner which works on the outside of the hair strand closing the cuticle layer. This way your hair gets that soft and smooth surface making your treatment really stand out.

Woman using hair treatment in her locks
Hair treatment with pea proteins provides with strength to your hair

Hair treatment for dry and damaged hair

IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Repair Treatment is a great example of a deep hair treatment that revitalises dry and damaged hair. Ingredients such as pea protein and Marula oil make this hair treatment truly unique. The treatment works deep inside the hair strands where proteins strengthen the hair and bind moisture to increase elasticity, ultimately preventing that dreaded hair breakage.  This hair treatment is also perfect if you live in a big city where your hair is exposed to exhaust fumes from cars. Extracts of French Oak reduce oxidative stress and free radicals from pollution that can damage your hair.

Tip #5: Multi-masking – hair treatment galore

Multi-masking is a total game-changer for treating hair and has become immensely popular. Multi-masking is literally the application of multiple masks with different beautifying purposes. You can multi-mask in different ways; you can mix more nourishing hair products or choose to apply them separately at the same time.

You can mix your favourite hair treatment with a colour treatment like the IdHAIR Colour Bomb, giving your hair as much care as it can get while boosting your colour too.

Also try a multi-masking routine where you apply a healing and moisturising hair treatment to your ends, for example, Elements Xclusive Repair Treatment.  You can then treat your scalp to a stress-relieving peeling that moisturises and removes dead skin cells with for example IdHAIR Solutions NO. 5.  

You’re now ready to find the perfect hair treatment to match your hair type.

Have a nice hair day!

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