2023 Hair Fashion | 9 inescapable styling, hairstyle and hair colour trends

One sentence sums up the 2023 hair trends: Embrace who you are and enhance your natural beauty.

We did a tour of the salons and talked to an extremely talented and sought-after stylist.

Keep reading as we reveal 3 seriously hot trends that may inspire your next hairstyle and hair colour. Finally, our hair enthusiasts will show you 5 great styling options that will be trending in 2023 and which you can easily do yourself.


Hair trend #1 Texture and curls

Curl and structure

Bring out the curls and texture of your hair and follow the 2023 hair fashion trends. It (almost) doesn’t matter how long your hair is – it just needs to be long enough for you to add texture and curls.

“Natural beauty is enhanced through natural texture and waves." Maria Elisabeth Salon

How do I add texture and curls to my hair?

If your hair is naturally straight without any texture or curls, there are several ways to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Ask your stylist for permanent curls. The possibilities and results are far from that 80s look.  

2. Use a styler or a curling iron to add curls and texture to your hair. Remember to use heat protection before using a curling iron – we recommend Curl Creator from Elements Xclusive. 


Maintenance-free and not too expensive 

Another consistent 2023 hair fashion trend is that the style should be as maintenance-free as possible. Despite being in the midst of a financial crisis, we still want to look our best. However, we prefer a low-cost and maintenance-free style.

Balayage, for example, is a great option – though not a cheap one at first. Over time, however, the balayage becomes cheaper. Read why below.


Hair trend #2 Balayage

Balayage is a hair dyeing technique that will stay in fashion in 2023 – and we can see why. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL. Just take a look at these before and after pictures!


The beautiful balayage looks very natural, and the almost invisible roots require minimal maintenance. Your stylist will have to spend a lot of time creating this breathtaking balayage, making it one of the more expensive dyeing treatments. In return, however, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your balayage for a very long time. Read on to find out how cheap and easy it is for you to maintain your balayage.

How do I maintain my balayage?

As mentioned further up in the blog post, the popular balayage requires minimum maintenance and ensures a consistent stream of great hair days – for up to six months! There are two simple and inexpensive ways to maintain your balayage:

1. Use Colour Bomb when you wash your hair – a colour bomb nourishes your hair. Your stylist can guide you to the colour that best suits your balayage.

2. Ask your stylist to tone your hair. It will keep your balayage looking fresh and new for longer.


Hair trend #3 Bob cut 

The bob cut is a 2023 hair fashion trend that will not be ignored.

Hårmode2023_trend3_page.jpg (1)

More and more young women choose to abandon their long hairstyle and replace it with a collarbone-length bob.

If you’re mature (and brave) enough, we dare you to go for a shorter bob.

How do I style a bob?

Despite being a short hairstyle, the bob can be styled in many ways. Keep it straight or use a Frame Styler to add some texture. Keep your hair looking healthy with nourishing products such as our 911 Rescue Spray or the Colour Mousse from Elements Xclusive. Use texturizing products such as Spray Wax or Instant Texture from Elements Xclusive to ruffle up the look.




Would you like to know some easy DIY styling options that are right on target when it comes to 2023 hair fashion? Stay tuned as our fabulous hair enthusiasts Caroline and Amanda show you 6 beautiful styling options and how to create them

Hair trend #4 Flip bun

The bun and ponytail combine in this beautiful flip bun.

Flip bun er hot i hårmoden 2023 - nem og fin håropsætning

How do I make a flip bun?

Use Elements Xclusive Colour Mousse for a sleek look. It nourishes your hair while giving a luscious look.

Gather your hair in a ponytail using an elastic hair band. Tie the hair band around the ponytail a few times. Do not pull the hair all the way through on the last round ... Et voila! That’s how easy it is to create this popular 2023 styling option.


Hair trend #5 Bella Hadid-style sleek feathered bun

You've probably already seen it on social media – the classic, sleek feathered bun. Take a look at this video and see how to do this trending 2023 styling option.

Sleek bun er hot i hårmoden 2023 - nem og fin håropsætning

How do I make a sleek feathered bun Bella Hadid-style?

Use hair gel at the scalp to give you that beautiful sleek look. Strong Gel from Elements Xclusive is absolutely fantastic. Scrape your hair back with a comb or a brush and gather it in a high ponytail. Use hairspray to control any flyaways in the back.

Then twist the hair around a few times, twisting it around the hair band to form a bun. Use a transparent hair band to keep the bun in place and arrange the ends of hair to form a nice feathery look.

Spray with a strong-hold hairspray over your beautiful bun to add the finishing touch. Intense Hairspray from Elements Xclusive is perfect for that.


Hair trend #6 Voluminous high ponytail

Always the popular hairstyling choice, a ponytail offers an easy and quick way to control your locks. What is exciting about the ponytail, in our view, is that you can vary it indefinitely.

If your ponytail is voluminous and high, you are definitely in fashion in 2023. Watch the video to see how easy it is to do.

Høj hestehale med fylde er hot i hårmoden 2023 - nem og fin håropsætning

How do I make a voluminous high ponytail?

Spray your locks with Sensitive Xclusive 911 Rescue Spray for a healthy, beautiful shine. Turn up the shine even more by adding a bit of Miracle Serum from Elements Xclusive to your hair ends.

Gather your hair in a high ponytail using an elastic hair band, as you probably always do. And here comes the trick:

Loosen the ponytail slightly by pulling the elastic hair band back. Divide the hair at the scalp where the hair band used to be. Pull the hair band and the entire ponytail out through the opening. Tighten the hair band until it is completely covered by your beautifully falling hair.

Perfect your styling with Intense Hair Spray from Elements Xclusive.


Hair trend #7 Half up

Would you prefer to show off your loose locks? Then watch the video below and be ready to get inspired.

Half up er hot i hårmoden 2023 - nem og fin håropsætning

How do I style a half up?

Gather your hair with your fingers from the temples and upwards and bring it to the back of your head, just as if you were making a ponytail.

Tie a thin elastic hair band around the joined hair and tighten. Control any flyaways with Intense Hairspray from Elements Xclusive.

Add volume to your half up with a few sprays of Elements Xclusive Powder Boost.

Perfect the look with Instant Texture from Elements Xclusive for long-lasting, flexible hold and shine.


Hair trend #8 Crisscross using colourful elastic hair bands

Create a 90s vibe with a centre part accompanied by tiny crisscrossing hair divisions using colourful elastic hair bands. Take a look at this video to see how you make this look that will be trending in 2023. 

Criss cross med farverige elastikker hot i hårmoden 2023 - nem og fin håropsætning

How do I create a crisscross style using colourful elastic hair bands?

Part your hair at the centre and divide your hair into four equally sized sections of hair. Start with the bangs and wrap a small elastic hair band around each section and tighten it.

Grab the last two sections behind the first two and pair them crosswise so that the right front section combines with the left back section. Wrap an elastic hair band on the combined sections of hair, tighten and repeat on the other side.

Finish with Dry Shampoo from Elements Xclusive for a bit of matte texture and hold.


Hair trend #9 Hair gems

Bedazzling hair accessories have been hot hair fashion for a while. But now the glitter has moved all the way onto the hair strands. So if you’re a fan of a bit of bling, you will absolutely love this last 2023 hair fashion trend that we’ll show you.

It is super festive and will certainly be the brilliant icing on your party look. Luckily, this hair trend is actually pretty simple to follow. Just take a look at the video below! 


How do I get hair gems (to stick) in my hair?

Spray your hair with Intense Hairspray from Elements Xclusive – it’s a wet strong-hold hairspray. Add a bit of Strong Gel from Elements Xclusive on the back of each hair gem and use tweezers to place the gem where you want it. Continue until your hair is as bedazzling as you like.

Finish with hairspray to keep the hair gems in place for hours on end. 


Having these 9 fabulous 2023 hair trends at your disposal might make it a bit hard to choose just one. Fortunately, you can mix all of these hair fashion trends as you like, so there’s no end to your creative liberty.

Have a nice hair day!


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