2020 hair fashion | The top 10 hair trends for 2020


What are the biggest hair trends of 2020? The hairstyles on the 2020 spring/summer catwalks revealed that 2020 brings something for everyone. These fashionable hairstyles contain elements from several decades, ranging from the elegant flapper hair of the 1920s to the 1990s’ more casual topknot.

Keep reading and learn how easy it is to follow the 2020 hair trends. Maybe your favourite hairstyle hides among these 10 fabulously fashionable hairdos.

2020 hair fashion's take on the ponytail: curl your ponytail that 50s way
2020 hair fashion's take on the ponytail: give it that little 60s flick at the end

Hair trend #1: Decades of ponytails

Get your straightener out and twist that ponytail. We absolutely adore the ponytail; it never goes out of style and it’s the easiest hairdo ever! This year, the ponytail is definitely in fashion – with a touch of retro. It’s all about how you twist those ends.

Use your straightener to curl your ponytail that 50s way or give it that little 60s flick at the end. The choice is all yours! We spotted both a sleek and a looser version of this hairstyle. 

2020 hair fashion: a bob for every occasion

Hair trend #2: A bob for every occasion

Asymmetrical bobs, short bobs, long bobs, 2020 hair fashion embraces them all. So, if you’re looking for that fashionable hairstyle, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Go for the just-below-the-ear bob or the shoulder length bob. If you’re longing for a more extravagant take on the bob, we dare you to go asymmetrical. Rumour has it that it’s going to be super hot in 2020.     

2020 hair fashion: hair clips with pearls

Hair trend #3: Accessories galore

Did you stock up on hair accessories in 2019? Perfect! This year, we still see a lot of pearls, flowers, glitter and bling-bling on hair clips, hair bands and headbands. So, go get your hair bling on!

2020 hair fashion: Fringes in various lengths

Hair trend #4: Fringes in various lengths

The fringe is here to stay – at least in 2020. As with the bob, fashionable fringes come in all lengths. Take a look at those fabulous 2020 fringes and find the one that flatters your face shape. Try the short ‘baby fringe’ or maybe the fringe that touches the top of your eyebrows?

2020 hair fashion: Dark roots ombre with light ends

Hair trend #5: Dark roots ombre

Do you love the ombre hairstyle? This hair colouring technique has been in fashion for several years. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Ashlee Simpson and Beyoncé flash this fabulous hair colouring technique that comes in a multitude of different shades. This classic style with dark roots that fade into lighter locks is still in fashion in 2020.

How about those 90’s hairstyles? 

In 2020, we pay tribute to the hair trends of the 90’s. Our SS2020 collection – IdHAIR Diversity – adapts the creative, playful and innovative 90’s trends to the present. And then we accessorise the accessories.

Take a look at the gallery below and become inspired to a new 90’s meet 2020 hairstyle.

2020's hair fashion's take on the bowl cut

Hair trend #6: The bowl cut hairstyle is back in fashion

Hair fashion tends to go around in circles – and now it’s time for the bowl cut to enjoy its renaissance, whether you like it or not. Does the anything-but-elegant bowl haircut of the 90’s still make you break out in a cold sweat? Well brace yourself as the bowl haircut is super hot in 2020! Though it might be retro through and through, it’s (fortunately) miles away from that 90s hairstyle you’ve come to dread. Just take a look at this one – isn’t it just fabulously classy?

2020 hair fashion's take on finger waves

Hair trend #7: Finger waves reminiscent of the flapper girls of the 1920s

Whip out those duckbill clips and that hair gel to replicate those fantastic 1920s finger waves. This glamorous hair trend suits all lengths – from short hair to super long hair. Maybe that’s why those waves are still alive and kicking 100 years later.

2020 Hair Fashion buns highly placed on the head
2020 Hair Fashion messy bun

Hair trend #8: Topknots

The messy high bun is as hot in 2020 as ever. If one bun isn’t enough for your, jump into 2020 with two buns. Placing those buns high on your head with a ‘messy’ look will put you right at the forefront of this hair trend. The perfect hairstyle for those busy mornings! 

2020 Hair fashion: accessorised braids

Hair trend #9: Beautiful accessorised braids

Use silk ribbons, feathers, pearls, scarfs and other accessories to adorn your braids in 2020. Braids are super elegant, but in 2020 you can make your braids even more fabulous with all kinds of accessories. Just use your imagination. 

Hair Fashion 2020: Deep side part

Hair trend #10: Deep side part

Move your hair from one side to the other with a deep side part. It reminds us of the 1960s while striking a chord with the 2020 hair fashion. That’s how easy it is to go with this year’s hair fashion!

Have a nice hair day!

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