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Dandruff may take different shapes and may have different causes. But what is dandruff really and how do you get rid of it? Learn more about this skin condition.

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What is dandruff?

Maybe you’ve already tried studying those tiny flakes that are sprinkled across your black shirts and get stuck in your hairbrush. They are either dry or oily. Dandruff is actually dead skin cells that fall of your scalp when new ones are produced. This is completely normal and something everybody experiences. It is the degree of this process that varies from one person to another.

What causes dandruff?

Dandruff may have several causes. No matter the cause, it’s usually possible to get rid of it. We’ve listed the three most common causes and types of dandruff here.

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#1 Overproduction of skin cells

Overproduction of the yeast fungus Pityrosporum Ovale is the most common cause of dandruff formation. This overproduction causes an overproduction of scalp skin cells resulting in even more dead skin cells – or dandruff.

Dandruff may also result from other types of fungus. Fortunately it’s easy to treat this very common cause of dandruff with the right products. Read more about IdHAIR Solutions that fight scalp conditions like dandruff.


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#2 Oily scalp

Dandruff may also be caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis. This type of dandruff is also caused by the skin fungus Pityrosporum Ovale. This fungus thrives in areas with oily skin – that is to say in areas with a lot of sebaceous glands and sebum production. For example around eyebrows, on your back and on your scalp.

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#3 Dry scalp and skin

Another common cause of dandruff may be psoriasis which is a very common skin disorder. Psoriasis varies in type and severity. The disorder may become more severe in the winter due to dry air and less sun exposure. Mild forms of psoriasis may be controlled using a special-purpose shampoo while more aggressive forms require prescription medicine.

No matter which type of dandruff you have, it’s always a good idea to treat your scalp to a cleansing treatment at least once a week. For example, a peeling treatment developed especially for scalp conditions.

How do you get rid of dandruff?

Besides using dandruff removal products, you can do a lot to prevent dandruff in your scalp, your face or on your body. We give you 3 tips on how to get rid of those white flakes.


#1 Avoid sugar

Balance your diet and avoid sugar! As with many other conditions, your diet may have a significant effect on dandruff. Sugar contributes to inflammation in your body.

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#2 Exercise

Stress affects the severity of dandruff. You may know it from other skin conditions such as acne. Exercise is an effective treatment for this scalp condition. Exercise relieves stress and may thus have a positive effect on dandruff.

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#3 Use the right shampoo

Using the right hair care products can really impact your scalp. There are a lot of dandruff curing products on the market. Therefore, it’s important to determine how severe your dandruff is before using the different products. Speak to your stylist about your scalp condition. Your stylist will guide you to the right product for your specific type of dandruff.

These hair products may solve your scalp condition

Wanting to get rid of dandruff is completely natural, and in most cases it’s not a problem.

We’ve developed IdHAIR Solutions, which is a series of products to treat scalp conditions. These hair care products are each formulated to target different problems. We’ve got five products to help you combat dandruff.

Sometimes you’ll need more than one shampoo because they each contain different ingredients to combat different conditions. Ask your stylist which shampoo(s) can cure your dandruff.

With our IdHAIR Solutions money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose – except your scalp condition of course.

Have a nice hair day!

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