Bridal hair | How to style your hair for your wedding


Are you about to say “I do” to the love of your life? Like so many women before you, you’re probably hoping for a great hair day on your wedding day.

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you to some beautiful hairstyles and tell you how you can start prepping your strands for your big day.


Bridal hair updo with flowers from the back

Strengthen your bridal hair

Did you know that it takes preparation to get the perfect bridal hair? The stronger and healthier your locks are, the more beautiful bridal hair they will make when the big day comes.

So, start prepping and pampering your hair with hair a treatment now and strengthen your hair from within. We’ve written an entire blog post on how to choose the perfect hair treatment. You should allow at least a couple of months to build strong hair for your wedding day.

If your wedding is just around the corner, you can take a shortcut with a Niophlex treatment. Your hair gets stronger after just one Niophlex treatment because the ingredients penetrate into the hair strands and repairs the bindings – voila! After only 30 minutes, your hair will be juiced up and ready to get hitched. So book your stylist appointment now.  

Choose your wedding hairstyle from the neckline on your dress

Whether your wedding dress has a low back or a high lace neck, we recommend that you choose your wedding hairstyle from the neckline of your wedding dress.

Loose updo / hair down 

If your wedding dress has a deep V front or back, you may choose to have your hair down. The open neckline will leave room for your locks without them hiding the beautiful details of the fabric of your wedding dress!  


Tight updo

On the other hand, if your wedding dress has a high neck with a lot of detailing, it would be a shame for your hair to cover them up. Here we recommend that you choose a tight updo on your wedding day. 

We’ve compiled a small inspirational gallery of bridal hairstyles for you.

If you’ve fallen in love with an accessorised hairdo, ask your IdHAIR stylist to help you choose from their beautiful selection of hair accessories. You can also watch the video below where we show you how to style your own hair if you’re on a budget.  

DIY bridal hair

Bridal hairstyles to highlight the day 

Whether you choose an open hairstyle or a more tight updo, highlights will add a beautiful twist to your summer wedding. If you don’t have natural highlights, your stylist can work magic on those nuances. There are many different ways to make beautiful effects in your bridal hair.

Highlights and balayage are just a few. We’ve made an entire blog post on highlights and what to consider before trying this fantastic hair trend out. Read more here and get inspired to lightening up those strands.


Beautiful DIY bridal hair with accessories
Beautiful DIY bridal hair with accessories and vail

Same-day wash and/or haircut are a no go

It’s easier to make a beautiful bridal updo when your hair is not freshly cut. Freshly cut locks simply don’t have the resistance that helps keep an updo, well ... up. For once, your split ends will actually do something good for you. So don’t get a haircut until after the wedding.

Freshly washed hair is also a no go for your wedding updo. You’re probably aware that freshly washed hair is smooth and shiny, which is not exactly the best starting point for a luscious bridal updo. So wash your hair a few days before your wedding day, depending on your hair type. If your roots get super oily, you should wash your hair the day before.

Now, you’re a step closer to your perfect bridal updo. We wish you a happy, happy hair day with lot’s of beautiful memories.

Have a nice hair day!

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