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Did you, like millions of fans all over the world, faithfully follow how destinies were interwoven as intricate power struggles unfolded in the series of the century... GOT it?

Blond girl with crow braids
Red hair girl with crow braids

Now that the popular series has come to an end and you no longer get your weekly braid-spiration, you may be feeling a bit of the blues. Fear not! We may have found a solution to your problem: Braid your own crown! 

Your crowning glory

Braids are super elegant. Maybe that’s why long hair has been braided and used to ornate the heads of many a maiden for millennia.

How to braid your own crown with IdHAIR Elements Xclusive:

Woman with blond hair and crown braids

Braid #1

  1. Apply 911 Rescue Spray and Beach Spray to damp hair. Set your hair dryer to hot and dry your hair with a paddle hairbrush. The result is textured and shiny hair.

  2. Split your hair into two sections across the top of your head. Spray the front section with Dry Shampoo to add more texture. This makes it easier to make your crown braid. Apply Heat Shield to the back part of your hair and straighten it with your straightener.

  3. Now it’s time to braid away! Braid the front section of your hair into two loose braids framing your forehead and extending down into your lengths. Keep your braided crown in place with Finish Flexible Hair Spray.

If one braid isn’t enough to keep you happy, please keep reading. We’ll introduce you to 5 more braids that will make your hair day.

Red haired long woman with crown braids

Braid #2

  1. Apply Fiber Foam from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive to damp hair. Use a round brush to add volume and smoothen your hair while blow drying it.

  2. Apply Instant Texture and twist your hair around a medium to large curling wand. Use your fingers to separate the curls and apply Play Powder Boost to create soft waves.

  3. On to the braids: Split your hair into two sections across the top of your head and braid half a braid. Keep the ‘crown’ in place with Flexible Hairspray.

‘Bend the knee’ to the three beautiful braids in our visual braid instructions below. Try them all – and choose your favourite.

Braid #3


Braid #4


Braid #5


Braid #6 


We hope you found your perfect crown among the six braids.

Maybe it wasn’t the one you thought it would be that ended up being the perfect one. That’s perfectly okay! You always think you know which is the right candidate for the braided crown. But things aren’t always what they seem...

Have a nice hair day!

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