How to avoid yellow hair

Your highlights have turned yellow! Not the start of a great hair day, is it? Your stylist created those lovely looking highlights a while ago, and now your hair is starting to turn yellow. There’s a completely natural explanation. Keep reading and we’ll tell you why your strands are turning yellow, and how to prevent it.  

Yellow hair
Blond hair without yellow hues

The reason your hair turns yellow

Blondes have more fun, or so they say, and those blonde tresses do look amazing, whether they’re highlights, ombre or something else entirely.

But you’re probably not having as much fun when your wonderfully blonde hair turns into a yellow mess.

Your hair turns yellow because the toner and bleach wear off letting those yellow pigments of your natural hair colour peek through – a process you won’t be able to avoid. And what’s even worse, everyday occurrences may even accelerate the process!

Blond hair

#1 The environment can damage your hair colour

If exposed to too much sun, polluted air (free radicals/oxidative stress) tobacco smoke and chlorine, your beautifully blonde strands may turn yellow. Chlorine may even make your hair turn green, which is probably even worse than yellow. If you’re going on a beach holiday or you frequently visit the local swimming pool, you might want to read our blog post on how to avoid green hair.

Gult hår og varmeskader

#2 Heat damage can result in yellow hair

Straighteners and other hot tools for your hair may strain your hair, resulting in yellowing locks. We’ve dedicated an entire blog post to explaining how to choose the right temperature setting for your straightener and how to protect your hair against heat damage.

Gult hår og kost

#3 Your health and your diet can make your hair turn yellow

Outside elements are not the only thing that can make your hair turn that yellow tone. Your health is also a factor. Oil from your scalp, medicine, your diet and other health-related conditions may turn blonde strands into yellow yarn. Always consult your GP if your health might be the cause of those yellowing strands.

Blonde hair can be tricky and often requires maintenance – even naturally blonde hair can turn yellow. Luckily, it’s possible to prevent those yellow tresses. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how. 

Avoid yellow hair

Fight yellow with purple or blue tones – it’s basic colour theory! So, look for shampoos that contain purple or blue pigments if you want to avoid yellow hair.

IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Blonde Silver Shampoo and Conditioner against gult hår

Try the Blonde Silver Shampoo and Conditioner from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive. These hair care products contain extract of amethyst that give the shampoo and conditioner a pretty purple colour to keep those yellow tones out of your hair.

With this insight into what causes yellow hair and a bit of colour theory, you should be well equipped to avoid those yellow strands and keep your beautiful blonde colour.

Have a nice hair day!

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