Faded hair colour | Here’s how to get your lustrous hair colour back 

Does your hair have the post-holiday blues?

Did your hair care routine take a summer break with you? Then your hair colour may be in dire need of moisture and revitalisation after having been exposed to the sun and water. Luckily, you only need one treatment to get your lifeless, faded and dry summer hair back on its lustrous track.

Discover 3 ways to moisturise and revitalise your hair colour. 

Lustrous blond hair

#1. Treat your hair colour to a Colour Bomb

You probably already know that a hair treatment will make your hair lustrous and healthy. Introducing dye into your treatment can do wonders and bring your faded hair colour back to life after your fabulous holiday. That’s what the IdHAIR Colour Bomb does. It’s a hair treatment in 22 different colours, which replenishes the keratin protein in your hair while reviving your hair colour and moisturising your long locks.

A colour treatment with IdHAIR Colour Bomb slowly fades as you wash your hair which makes it perfect to use in between your stylist’s appointments.  

#2. Gloss your way back to lustrous locks 

Keep the beautiful highlights created by the sun and revive your hair colour with a gloss treatment. The demi-permanent colours from IdHAIR Gloss are simply ‘transparent’ colours that your stylist can use to dye your hair.  

Langt hår før og efter forbehandling med IdHAIR Gloss

The absolutely amazing thing about a gloss treatment is that you can still sense the wonderful highlights created by the sun through the colours. As the name suggests, the colours create a beautiful, vibrant Gloss colour.

The colours from IdHAIR Gloss are also 100% vegan. Isn’t it amazing?

#3. Treat your hair colour to Niophlex

Dry hair and a faded hair colour typically make great hair days fall further apart. Beach holidays of salt water, chlorine water and sunshine often result in dry hair and faded colours unless you make sure to care for your hair as you soak up the sun. 

Langt blond hår før og efter en Niophlex-behandling

But don’t you worry! Your hair doesn’t have to look like a dry and faded stack of hay on your first day back at work or school. Ask your stylist if she uses Niophlex in her colour treatments. Niophlex is a super-intelligent phlex system for your stylist to apply to your colour treatment making your hair healthy, strong and more lustrous while refreshing your colour.

After renewing your hair colour, you should always take care of it with colour maintainer shampoo and conditioner. Try the Colour range from IdHAIR Elements Xclusive. Now that you know how to fix your faded hair colour, we wish you a fantastic and colourful hair day!

Have a nice hair day!

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